Paypal payments don't work

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    do NOT click 'send'.

    Enter in some info on that page, then click next/proceed. Does that next page show you the same as the screenshot i posted above?

    Make sure the tab isn't on ebay :D

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    No I just wanted to make sure you did see that second page I posted.

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    I can confirm it did reach us. It just has to be added now by billing staff to your account :)

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    It shouldn't take long. I don't work in billing so can't say for sure sorry.

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    Your premium has been added :)  Its showing by your username above

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    I still don't understand why Paypal doesn't work. It works on every other site i have ever tried but

    The issue seems to be that you only allow Credit Card Payments via Paypal which seems rather stupid when Paypal is the only option besides Credit Card Payment.

    Also the current solution to send money directly to your Paypal account including the account details of while also writing to a mod of that the payment was done and still waiting for three days or more until the account is upgraded is unacceptable.

    This solution is also nowhere found except when digging deep into the forums. I wonder how many people tried to buy a premium service and finally didn't do because it didn't work.

    You are losing so much money on this that every other manager responsible for money transfers would be long fired in every other company.

    So with the ongoing translation of to every european language you should consider to get this finally fixed.

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    Its not because we don't allow it though.

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    no paypal, no diamond-membership.

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    I'm facing the same problem as everyone else here. I realize that it is difficult to cope with, but if the problem itself can't be solved, would it be possible to put a disclaimer on the page? At least for German customers, as they seem to be the only ones affected?

    It would have spared me the trouble of making the payment manually and waiting 24 hours before considering looking it up and writing a support ticket. The idea wouldn't even have crossed my mind if I hadn't read about it here. Tongue out

    I therefore agree with ZeroMotion: I feel like you're loosing a little bit of money here. Since you can only find this thread by deliberately searching for it, many people just forget about purchasing a Premium Membership, not knowing why it doesn't work and - more importantly - not willing to investigate further. At least that's the scenario I nearly found myself in.

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    I wanted to buy a premium membership using the paypal and it seems that I got the same problem.

    And this problem with paypal makes me not to trust the site even more to give it my credit card information.

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    Yup, two years later... still ongoing

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    I agree with ZeroMotion, this is unacceptable. I want to upgrade to Diamond, but won't do so until paypal works...

    This site is definitely losing money! I am sure, I am not the only one who thinks that way...

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    I want to upgrade to Diamond too, but Paypal still doesn't work.

    What about the way described by kohaiin #21? Does it still work? And how long must I wait to see my changed status?

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    Oh... I tried to buy a membership via PayPal and when it didn't work after various attempts I decided to google, which is how I found this thread. I assumed that there was a problem with PayPal, but it seems that it's a problem with

    So if I understand correctly, it's either credit card and an automatic renewal of the membership unless you remember to cancel or doing it manually, which takes several days?

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    Dear Staff! Could you please update my account to Platinum? Yesterday I transfered 6 EUR via PayPal to Thank you!

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    Could you please update my account to Platinum

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