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Paypal payments don't work

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    Alvin_Cruz hat geschrieben:
    ChessNashOne wrote:

    I still don't understand why Paypal doesn't work. It works on every other site i have ever tried but chess.com

    The issue seems to be that you only allow Credit Card Payments via Paypal which seems rather stupid when Paypal is the only option besides Credit Card Payment.

    Also the current solution to send money directly to your Paypal account including the account details of chess.com while also writing to a mod of chess.com that the payment was done and still waiting for three days or more until the account is upgraded is unacceptable.

    This solution is also nowhere found except when digging deep into the forums. I wonder how many people tried to buy a premium service and finally didn't do because it didn't work.

    You are losing so much money on this that every other manager responsible for money transfers would be long fired in every other company.

    So with the ongoing translation of chess.com to every european language you should consider to get this finally fixed.

    Just to restate. This fella's old post says all what I want to tell.


    Me too. No Paypal payment -> no premium membership for me -> no money for chess.com. :-(

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    The Staff told me to send money thru email... [email protected], dont forget to make a note of what premium you want.

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    Any chance that normal Paypal payment will become available for everyone? I can't understand how this error still isn't resolved. It has been over 4 years since it's been reported.

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    Last year my brother and I took out gold membership in order to run admin on this site for our chess club. Our credit card was further charged this June for renewal of our membership. We don't think this automatic renewal was clearly stated when purchasing the membership and haven't used the new membership. Is it possible to have the amount charged for this year refunded to our credit card? If so we would obviously be happy for this year's membership to cease.

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    unfortunately, still the same problem. At least from Germany sad.png Too bad, they won't get this fixed. Hence, no diamond membership for me ...


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