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PGN downloading not working

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    Definitely there's something about live games.  Just tried this:

    • 08:14:27 AM: download 50 online games, get green banner. Looks good.
    • 08:14:35 AM: download them again, get green banner. This surprised me, since in the past it would not have worked.
    • Check email: received both of them at 08:14:40 and 08:15:05.
    • Download 50 live games (blitz), get green banner.
    • Check email: nothing.
    • Download online games, get green banner.
    • Check email: nothing
    • Check email: nothing.
    • Wait a while.
    • Check email: got the online games only.
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    tried again, 15 minutes ago, selected live games only

    no "PGN file will be generated for you" message

    no email

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    It works! Thank you very much!

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    I noticed that to a few days ago, and it's sad because PGN download is a big chunk of chess.com for me. I am not able to get my PGN data when I select more than one game in game Archive, it always says it is not ready => “Failed to generate your PGN. Please wait for your other PGN requests to finish first.” This is the only message I get, but I don’t have any other requests pending??? I know now that they are supposedly working on it...

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    Working as intended now ....



  • #46

    Hi Repens

    Thanks it is working again for me!


  • #47

    Hi kohai

    Thanks for spotting the Live game connection and escalating this issue.

    Works again now.


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    pgn download from live blitz having issues again Cry,  it seems to be an Intermittent problem.  It worked for me a few days ago after a couple of attempts, now it seems to have stopped entirely.



  • #49

    Please Chess.com fix the PGN download once and for all in all chess type games, it would be appreciated, this problem really seems to come back very often. We get the green message, but again like before no PGN!Frown

  • #50

    It is down once again. Maybe we should make a new thread so that staff notice.

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    Cannot download PGN files.

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    I made a quick and dirty bash script to download my last 50 games, if anyone else doesn't feel like waiting until they get around to fixing it! https://gist.github.com/iskar/5283331

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    Hi Kohai

    I cannot get the pgn file from my Live games.



  • #54

    Thanks, I'll look into it

  • #55

    Once again it is not working.

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    It doesn't work again. I tried changing email addresses but it's the same thing. It seems that chess.com doesn't even send them out.

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    The Failed to generate your PGN. Please wait for your other PGN requests to finish first. issue seems to be back, least for me it is.  Could someone at chess.com look into correcting it?, thanks.

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    This morning it allowed one to download pgn's but once again the issue has resurfaces disallowing one from further downloading pgn files of their own.

  • #59

    ... and again this issue is back, smh.

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    LegoPirateSenior wrote: 3 years ago

    Yes, just tried to download one game, got red banner.

    Failed to generate your PGN. Please wait for your other PGN requests to finish first.
    EmpireCityRay wrote: 4 days ago

    ... and again this issue is back, smh.


    I can download a few pgns before the warning pops up. 

    Hopefully a staff member will send a note to a programmer about it. 


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