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    Hi, I have been assigned to play against a team I already belong to. It just happens that I belong to both groups.

    One is the "Animal Lovers" group, while the other is the "US Chess Federation" group.

    I really don't want to play against the US Chess Fed Group, so how can this game be cancelled without losing my rating?


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    If you didn't join already,quite one team . play.ask to be re invited.

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    It's too late. You had to cancel your entry into the team match before the match began.

    When I first noticed this situation a few years ago when I was playing in team matches, it struck me there could be conflict of interest and therefore thrown games to benefit one or the other team, especially in team tournaments. I am surprised (still) that it is allowed -- my opinion is that any player belonging to both teams should be prevented from playing for either side.

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    OK, so I will resign my game.

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