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please explain time indications

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    Hi. I  understand what a 10 minute game is or a 30 minute game, but what do times like   10/1 and 15/10 and numbers like that indicate?  

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    The second number is the increment.  That's the number of seconds added to your time after every move.

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    Hi Patek, I am new to chess and chess.com. I just about understand the rules and do not understand the implications of your question. I play the speed games when short of time. They are exciting and lead to huge errors in my game but that's speed chess for me. Good luck. Maria

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    Hey there!

    So, basically, if you have a game with a time limit of 15|10 the 15 represents the time you have to make all of your moves in. The 10 is bonus time. In this case, for every move you make, you will receive 10 seconds added to your clock. Does that explain it better?

    Here is a link that'll help - http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/93/13/how-do-the-time-controls-work-in-the-live-chess

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    Yes, now I understand it, thank you. 


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