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POP mail

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    Hi there,

    I try to create an email account in Thunderbird 16.0.1 to receive the chess.com email using the POP protocol.

    I don't know how to set it up. When brosing and searching the forums, I see lots of memebers have difficulties to get it working. Is there any documentation about this?

    Regards, Bart

  • #2

    Hi, I just recently started using TB, and it picked up the settings automatically

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    I have read something like that earlier, but that's not happening at my TB


    Can you post the exact server settings?

  • #4

    Both servers are mail.chess.com

  • #5

    and what about ports, SSl and authentication? By default it is auto with my TB

  • #6

    Port is 110, dunno what SSI is.

    I just went through the motions of setting up a dummy account, and my TB again searched and found auto-settings.

    Maybe just try again?

    tools-account settings-account actions-add mail account

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    Just got it working... Changed my username in the settings to my email address... I have read to use your chess.com account name, but that is not correct...

    I can receive my mail. Thx for your help.


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