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pop ups

  • #1

    im still getting pop ups, about ipads

  • #2

    Sounds like an adware infestation.  Have you tried running Safer-Networking's Spybot, Lavasoft's Adaware or MalwareBytes Anit-Malware-Free?

  • #3

    no i havnt tried this, but suppose that im a prem. mem. this is not suppose to happen? Right?

  • #4

    No, it shouldn't.  Did you ever get it resolved?

  • #5

    Chess.com does not work as an email address.  I paid my membership to get rid of the ads.  After a week they have started to appear again.  I can not find any way to get to the editor/owner to complain.  Any ideas??

  • #6

    i run adblock plus on firefox and never see any, on any site.  i'm sure there's something similar for all browsers. just a thought.

  • #7

    have you solved the problem yet


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