Problem with Analysis Board and Editor


did you check to make sure that it was the correct color's turn to move?


Apparently you didn't read my question very well.


That was uncalled for, I'm sure you're as stressed as I am.  

No matter whose turn it is to move, no pawns are able to move.  


It was the obvious.  I had the pieces going the wrong way.  That's why the major pieces would move but not the pawns.  Have you got a trophy for that?


Sometime the editor has problems, you have to contact and they will rectify to problem immediately. They are very prompt in responding to promblems.


Isn't 'Help and Support" the place to do it?

What else could I do, send a messenger pigeon?  Anyway, after 2 days I finally solved the problem.  As usual self deprecation is necessary here, but I'd still like a trophy for the most idiotic use of Analysis Board & Editor.