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Problem with Analysis Board and Editor

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    did you check to make sure that it was the correct color's turn to move?

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    Apparently you didn't read my question very well.

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    That was uncalled for, I'm sure you're as stressed as I am.  

    No matter whose turn it is to move, no pawns are able to move.  

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    It was the obvious.  I had the pieces going the wrong way.  That's why the major pieces would move but not the pawns.  Have you got a trophy for that?

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    Sometime the editor has problems, you have to contact chess.com and they will rectify to problem immediately. They are very prompt in responding to promblems.

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    Isn't 'Help and Support" the place to do it?

    What else could I do, send a messenger pigeon?  Anyway, after 2 days I finally solved the problem.  As usual self deprecation is necessary here, but I'd still like a trophy for the most idiotic use of Analysis Board & Editor.  


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