Real 3D board too small


In tactics mode and computer analysis mode, the real 3D board is large and easy to see. In live play, the real 3D board is significantly smaller and cannot be expanded. Even in "focus mode," the small arrow for dragging the board to a larger size does not work. Zooming in doesn't help either since the the board goes out of view as it gets larger. Am I missing something here?


totally agree, WTF?


I also discovered that using the real 3D board makes the analysis board controls act much differently. There seem to be 2 stages of analysis now, where the 1st stage does not track multiple lines, only 1 line. It's actually a nice mode at times. Then press the control again, and you get the regular analysis board.


There's one thing I don't like ... using that 1-line-only analysis board, if you click the check box, it plays (back in the actual game) the LAST move you made, not the first move. So that bit me. Very frustrating. It's also bothersome trying to navigate the 2 modes. with one button.


But I do hope improves the real 3d board. Playing in 2D all the time makes it very hard for me to do well OTB, so I'm trying the 3D setting for awhile.


Well, one week after this post, the real 3D mode was updated to appear larger in live gameplay. Maybe they are hearing our cries and will fix the analysis flaws as well.