Report some false account on Facebook's app


First, sorry for my bad english.

I want to report a person who cheat on Facebook's app. He use multiple fake account and play with engine to gain elo points (a simple analisys of his game will reveal the truth). Then he face all of his accounts to gain more elo points to only one account:

The culprit is Yves de Keyser:

Look at his games, against Pino Esposito (a fake account) and Jeff Beulemans (the other fake account). Most of his games are between Esposito and Beulemans, and in ALL of his games he use chess engines. If you see Esposito and Beulemans profiles, you'll find that they don't have friends (except one or two, and Yves de Keyser), and their profile is almost empty.

With this cheats, Yves de Keyser is now the best player, with a elo rating of 2824. I think this is not fair

I ask a moderator or a chess administator to ban him and his fake accounts.


please read the instructions. you didn't suppose to put the names and stuff on the forum, you should send the datas to the site administration because, by now, the user you need to be banned has changed the account.

See in HELP what to do if you see someone cheating.


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