Resolved: Request Rematch Autofill


Wondering if anyone else is having this problem. After a turn-based game, when I click on Request Rematch, I get the proper screen but then the name in the green box changes from the opponent's name, I want the rematch with, to mine. The same thing happens when I go to the "request a new game" screen. I get my name autofilled in the green box. I've contacted support but so far, they have not been able to duplicate my situation. I use Firefox 12.0 and Windows Vista. I've tried restoring the page. This brings the original name back but only for a second or two, then mine reappears.



Seems to be working fine for me. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?


Clearing the browser cache doesn't help.

Ideas anyone?


In case anyone ever runs across this problem, I discovered what was happening. My Norton security system is set to autofill my logins to and it treats the member name box on the challenge screen the same as on the login screen and autofills. I disabled the login autofill and then the challenge screen worked just like it is supposed to.

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