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Server problems = I lose

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    I would like to report that I was just disconnected from the server, and this cause me to lose my game.  The game in question is susi-mesi vs. etr540  23 May 2012.

    I can confirm that this was not a problem with my internet connection.  During the opening of the game (after move 9), the game suddenly just stopped responding.  I waited for it to reconnect, and I confirmed that my internet was still working properly by opening a Google window in a new tab.  When it finally did reconnect it showed that I had abandoned the game, and this was counted as a loss. 

    Note that this was a standard-length game, and I still had roughly 13 minutes left on my clock with an increment of 10 seconds.  Occasionally, this happens to me, but I will just reconnect immediately and proceed with the game.  I do not know why this game was force-abandoned.

    Can anyone assist?  Thanks for your time.

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    Hi etr540,

    Were you at the time running and downloads or streaming or downloading any music, video, youtube etc?

    Also were you ruunning any heavy programs that could have been taking up a large amount of your cpu power or RAM?



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    Hi Hydra,

    No, there was nothing of the sort.  I have a 100Mbit connection and a fast PC.  Thanks.

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    I get the same problem - 'connection interupted' message, no other programmes running, 100mbps connection, no other pages open, no downloads, yet the games getted aborted by the server and I get a warning message and a lost game.  really wondering if this is a site worth perservering with.

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    It may or may not have been the server. One thing to remember though, there is not just your computer or the server, but also a whole network of devices between you and the server. It is quite possible to have the path to the servers be poor and the one to Google to be good, creating the illusion that the server is bad. Just one of the things to keep in mind.

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    Regardless of where the connection problem originates, my main concern is that the game was aborted.  Why not just keep my clock running, and I can reconnect and continue with the game as normal?  Does that not make the most sense?


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