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Site is Malfunctioning Again

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    I log on and get to usual pages, except right side looks bigger than normal. I click on "new game" and get select option page, I click cancel and back to square one, have you guys made changes again ? Well, they are not working for me.

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    They are not working in what OS, browser and device (ie a PC, MAC, iPad, etc)?   Something here may help:


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    Hi Nimzo,

    Happened last night. Evertyhing worked fine all the time for months and yesterday I click on NEW GAME after play live game and I get the Settings page. Cleaned cache, swithced computer and modem off for 5 minutes, still no luck. Can no longer play live games, any more solutions ?

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    I am using Firefox 18.0.2. Tactics, puzzle and online game still work, only when I click on LIVE games I always get the Settings page. I do the best I can, but it keeps popping up, like the Tax Man

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    I see very faintly behind the NEW GAME button the wording "Graph Options". This obviously the problem. Where did this "Graph Option" goody come from and how can I blast it to outer space ?

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    came right on it's own. Somewhere I clicked on Play Old Style or something like that and everything is back to normal. Thanks

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    A lot of the glitches here are temporary and originate from chess.com, so they usually "fix themselves" in a day or two. Following the tips in my blog such as keeping your OS and browser up-to-date, clearing the cache routinely and so on should help avoid many glitches at your end.

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    Nimzo, inkosi sikelele


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