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Spammy posts???

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    Hello guys! I am here asking for help in a serious matter. Recently when I give a post reply or I am writing some posts and After I press "SUBMIT COMMENT" OR " POST", my google chrome hangs. AND finally when it loads, there are 2 same comments as one! Though it gives me bonus "points", I dont want to be called a spammer and I DEFINITELY DONT WANT TO CLOG OTHER'S FORUMS!And the saddest part is that whenever I try to delete the post , there is a teaser " [COMMENT DELETED]" announcing that I dont even know the etiquettes of forum posting! HELP? HERE IS A PIC OR TWO FOR THE PROBLEM:

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    When you say it hangs, the browser just freezes?

    Does it give you errors or just sticks then unsticks?

    Which version is it?

    Also looking at your browser tabs, is it possible you tried posting the same reply via two different tabs open on the same thread?

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    1.The browser "busy" ring just spins around in the tab after I press the post button and the page doesn't respond to clicks FOR A LONG TIME. When I try to refresh, the Page shows duplicated posts.

    2. No errors, just the busy sign for a couple of minutes.

    3. The "about" says it is v17.0.942.0

    4.I use the multiple tab to simul view forums and topics. I use only one to post, not many.


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    Can you update your browser? The latest chrome is Version 20.0.1132.47


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