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Tactics Trainer lag

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    I have often been losing rating points just because Chess.com's Tactics Trainer server would not respond in a reasonable amount of time. This has become more of a chronic problem these days with more members joining. Perhaps Chess.com should make its own datacenter?

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    I've not noticed this (and I use Tactics Trainer almost religiously, three times/day for months).

    Are you experiencing the same problem while using different browsers?


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    Well, suggest try visiting the site from a different PC and see how Tactics Trainer behaves there.  Perhaps your local library?  This would help you see if it is caused by your PC's settings (maybe, your firewall?). 

    I'm assuming you're not trying to do a bunch of CPU intensive tasks on your PC while using Tactics Trainer (as a really burdened CPU could also cause your symptoms imo).  I think even downloading (especially 'live streaming') might slow Tactics Trainer processing.


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    it's rather universal. It seems to be a programming bug.

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    Could be -- have you had your PC overhauled lately?  (I'm suggesting the programming bug is in your PC's software, not the site's.)


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    I have the latest version of Firefox and Chrome as well as IE9. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, fast internet connection.

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    You're of course, only running ONE anti-virus, right?  If you had two going, that would cripple your CPU. 

    Hmm, 64-bit (does that actually work in practice?), might be an idea to do a site search (upper right hand corner) for "64-bit" to see if members are reporting 'issues'.

    Suggestion (just as a brief test, not as a custom):  If you're using a non-Windows 7 firewall, enable the Windows firewall, disable the other one, and see if that speeds up Tactics Trainer (maybe there's a firewall setting issue).

    sftac  (XP user, and my CPU's five years' old)

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    One anti-virus, and I have a quad-core. I'm looking at the code (I'm a semi-programmer) and it looks like a JS issue.

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    Precisely what's happening with Tactics Trainer?

    When you click 'start', what do you experience at each stage that might be interpreted as excessive lag/responsiveness?


    ps.  Suggest:  choose 'pause' between sessions if you're not already doing that.

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    there is no lag when I click the Start button, and I don't know what you are talking about with "pause"ing my session.

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    You've a choice of Tactics Trainer throwing the next one at you the instant you finish the current one.  I use the pause (& wait for me to click 'start'), before I tackle the next one.


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    It doesn't help when I'm stuck in the middle of a problem and it lags. For example I may be one move away from mate but the lag ruins it.

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    btw, I do not have 'show timer' enabled.  You might try that setting, just in case.

    "lags" in the middle of a problem?  You mean, you make your move, it doesn't kick you for making the wrong move but is supposed to proceed with the reply but does not do so right away?  And you're experiencing this with different browsers.  Hmm, very curious.

    I'm starting to flail:  have you updated your Flash lately?  (I don't even know if flash is used, but I imagine it is.  btw, Sometimes Flash doesn't update well and you have to manually uninstall the existing version first.)


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    Show Timer is off, and I know for a fact that Tactics Trainer isn't written in Flash - it's written in Javascript.

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    Oh oh!  When I put:  javascript and "Tactics Trainer" in the search site tool, I get over 700 results of earlier discussions.

    Suggestion:  browse through earlier topics (maybe add:  Windows 7, but more usefully I suspect, your browser(s)).

    Oh, and I suppose you could 'clear cookies/cache', for good measure (sometimes those get fouled up).


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    This seems to be a new issue.

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    Well, the site is upgrading / finetuning from time to time, mostly Live Chess I'd of thought, didn't think there was anything happening with Tactics Trainer.  sigh!  Could be a new issue (in which case, you probably have company).

    Well, I suggest 'bump' this topic each day if a staff member doesn't swoop in in the meantime, I suppose.


    (editted my previous post with a clear cache/cookies suggestion earlier)

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    clear cache/cookies doesn't work.


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