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Tactics trainer not working properly

  • #1

    Since the latest maintenance work today the tactics trainer isn't working properly. Please help.

  • #2

    Ya its not working for me either

  • #3

    It is not working for me either

  • #4

    Same for me. Computer does not answer to the first move

  • #5

    TT should now be fixed

  • #6

    still does not work for me :(

  • #7

    Last time i tried it it did work - now it doesn't :(  I am really sorry about this. I am trying to get it all fixed and chasing around the forums.

  • #8

    first move freezes screen

  • #9

    Can those of you who were experiencing problems with TT and chess mentor try now and see if its working for you?  Mine appears fixed

  • #10

    Its now fixed. Thanks for your help.

  • #11

    Great, I really do appreciate all the patience while the team were getting this fixed

  • #12

    Its good now! thanks :)


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