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Tactics training

  • #1

    I cannot, for the life of me, get the solution displayed when I cannot solve the problem myself (most of the time). 

  • #2

    You use the arrows below the board?

    Under 'Customise' do you have show details set to 'always stop after each problem'?

  • #3

    Yes, set to 'always stop'. There are no arrows under the board.

  • #4

    This is what I see ... I click on "Solution"

  • #5

    Thank-you for that. I only see the box with solution after I have completed it correctly. Until then it just keeps telling me to try again so I give up.

  • #6

    Hmm, what browser are you using?

  • #7

    I'm using Google Chrome. Not sure what version. It came with a Toshiba laptop I bought last year.

  • #8

    It should be fine then - I've had no problems with Chrome. have you tried using a different browser? FireFox is a good choice.

  • #9

    Thanks for your help - I'll try tomorrow when I get another 3 puzzles to solve (basic membership)

  • #10

    I don't know what I was doing - that is working fine now -thanks for your help

  • #11

    There is a sloution in tactics trainer?!!

    I never saw one!


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