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The rss is broken

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    Can somebody/admin fix the rss feed for this forum? please?

     Thanks in advance.

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    thanks, but can you provide more details? which link is broken, and on what page?


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    for example, if i want to view the rss feed of the "Daily Puzzles" post for today, the link says "http://www.chess.com/daily-puzzles/10292007---attack", and the right link is "http://www.chess.com/forum/view/daily-puzzles/10292007---attack" . As you can see, the "forum/view/" part is missing in the rss link, that causes my reader to show the page titled "Missing Page?!" "Somebody made a doubious move...."

    Thanks for the quick reply Cool

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    Any news for the rss thing?
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    This has been fixed. Thanks for reporting it.
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    Thanks for the quick response. Nothing like a good chess feed in the morning!!

     Congratulations for the site, it's really good and very nice designed. Count with me for my payed membership, the site definitely worth it

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    No problem. Thanks for your support.

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