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Touney Invites

  • #1

    I'm a member of several clubs, but only getting TEAM MATCH notifications from one club.



  • #2

    Can you provide the name of a club you are not getting invites from? Do you know for sure that they had a tournament and that the admin invited you? 


  • #3

    I see you are getting tournaments and team matches mixed up.  Lots of folks do that just because a lot of members use those words interchangebly; I don't know why.  We do team matches, not tournaments, and so what I said in the group notes is the thing.  The only way you would not be getting notifications for team matches is if you turned them off yourself. Only you or chess.com Staff can check that. In V3, on the group page, in that box in the upper right, click on settings and make sure the slider for "Notify me when a new team match begins" is pushed over to green.

    Or if you are still using V2,  on the group page, down toward the end of the right sidebar, click on "Alerts" and make sure "TEAM MATCHES: new team match begins" is checked. Either way, they both do the same thing, and it's set to "on" by default. 

  • #4

    I can't seem to find anything in settings that refers to TEAM MATCHES and I've been unable to find what version I am playing.

  • #5

    What I wrote about how to do that doesn't make sense to you?  Staff can check that for you.

  • #6

    No, it DOES make sense! I just can't find anything about Team Matches in the settings.

  • #7

    get staff to check it for you. 


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