Tracking comments & news


I noticed that when I have comments or news articles tracked I may have decided not to track one any longer, but I have to go back to it (to the end) to say I no longer want to track it. That's very inconvenient.


It would be better to have a tracking/no-tracking flag next to a comment or news article on the HOME page where they're listed (with the number of new comments). Managing MY tracking from MY home page makes more sense than going to the article to do that.


good suggestion....


You are right. I think the same.


Dear Summerstorm,

Wow, what a review of the game! Thank you so much for such a long analysis; I've not received anything like this. I see you are 1800+ in Blitz!

I struggle a lot in chess! I need to go through your comments playing each move again.


Kind Regards