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Transferring a Facebook account to a normal chess.com account

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    Hi there,


    I have been using this site for about a year now via facebook. I've recently downloaded the chess.com app for the iphone but haven't been able to log in, as there is no option to use my facebook login, as there is from the chess.com website.


    Is there any way to transfer my "facebook" chess.com account over to a normal account? I could just create a new account I guess but I don't want to lose my rating points or my tournament registrations etc...

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    I've replied to you via your support ticket now :)

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    I have the same question, but the answer is hidden.  I tried my Facebook password, but that doesn't work. 

    Thank you 


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    @jym_no- If you'd like to add an email address to your account, I can get you set up with a password :) You can do so by going to the edit profile page: http://www.chess.com/home/edit_profile.

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    Okay, I went to the address and i'm getting the same result. I have to enter my password, but my Facebook password doesn't work here.  See I started playing on Facebook before ever discovering chess.com.

    I'll try adding an email on the Facebook side to see if that makes a difference.  I tend to be rather tight with information given there.  

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    Well, tried that.  It sends me back to this site and ask for my password.  It must be a pain for you guys dealing with the Facebook connection.  

    So do I have to give up my history of games to get started here?

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    Your facebook password is registered on facebook, your account there.

    A long time ago when we started having people using our facebook app playing on chess.com and having the ability to merge we weren't able to transfer over the email addresses or passwords. As I said, those are registered on facebook when you created the facebook account, we don't have a log of them.

    Unfortunately facebook recently changed its policy making it almost impossible for members to merge accounts. So thats on hold until we find a work-around.

    Alternatively we can change the facebook account to be a full Chess.com account, you'd be logging in direct to Chess.com, not via facebook.

    In order for this to happen if you do decide this is what you want, you'd need to contact a member of the support team with a valid email address and a temp password.

    We can then add this for you. Once you've successfully logged into Chess.com you can then change the email address and/or password if you wish.

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    Thank you, 

    Even though it would be convenient, it is my intention to transfer my account to Chess.com. 

    Here is a temporary address to contact me through.  

    (deleted email address)

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    Thanks. I've added the email address on the account now for you.

    I'll update a temp password and email you

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    It worked great, I'm active.  Thank you, Jim

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    Great :)


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