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     In V3  classic format, when hitting on the bell I receive updates on club news, vote game moves and comments in the box on the right hand side . 

    What I cannot do is scroll down past these, to comments without going through every other thing first, theres no way to reach past the first without opening each one.

    How do i go further down to see comments without going through every other thing first?

    Im on a Macbook Air, and chrome.

    Im NOT computer savvy , so if anyone is kind enough to help, please keep very basic indeed!

  • #2

    When you click on the bell Petit, 2 bars should appear on the right of your page. You scroll down the bar on the left and then just click on the comment you want to see.l

  • #3

    Petit, Or press clear all button if you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to see anything?

  • #4

    Pam   I dont see any scroll bars at all . 

    Im more interested in seeing comments than group notes , but they are out of sight!

  • #5

    So when you are on your home page  there are no grey oblong scroll bars on the far right of the page Petit? In that case  all I can suggest is that you contact help and support for assistance

  • #6

    Use V2. Much better interface.

  • #7

    Checked again Pam no scroll bars , will try and contact support then.......

  • #8

    Have message support with it, Thankyou to all!

  • #9

    Still sorting out with support have now sent screen shots of home page, showing a lack of scroll bars.

  • #10

    It looks as though the big problem here was my macbook , compounded by my ignorance.Embarassed

    I was not aware that I can control the setting of scrolling , and now I have adjusted it to scroll as possible, the problem is hopefully solved!

    I want to thank everyone who helped here , and appreciate the efforts to help this tech idiot ( ie me!).



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