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v3 Live Chess not working?

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    has this been fixed yet?

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    trying to make it work on Chrome, still not working. 

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    shtanky wrote:

    has this been fixed yet?


    Still appears to mess up on my mobile device. Works fine on Firefox on my PC.

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    Contacted customer service two days ago and saw V3 live chess magically fixed yesterday.

    V3 development is spilling over into V2 and makes reviewing games in the V2 archive impossible with overlapping text and board fields.

    Hope they do a better job of validating changes and isolating V2 from V3.

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    i just have to say that since i switched my browser from safari to chrome its been working faster and more fluid for me ive noticed.

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    I didn't switch anything but mine is working again. Yay!

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    I literally see my clock tick down and it's not my turn. and when the match ends the page goes blank just like that. It was working fine a week ago...


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