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Resolved; Video Lectures Inaccessible

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    I was trying to watch GM Khachiyan's video lectures from early 2010 but they won't work.  Is there any way to remedy this?

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    Which one specifically doesn't work for you? I just tried "Good and Bad Bishops" and "Into the Fire" from 2010 and they work OK for me (I just watched the first little bit though).

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    Good and Bad Bishops; Averbakh v. Furman,1960 and Good and Bad Bishops; Ivanchuk v Anand, 1992.  Hopefully, it is just my computer and not the server, which seems plausible.  Just checked again and they still won't run for me... this is odd

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    Just tried the first one again (Averbakh) and it's OK for me. That doesn't mean much, though - could be your computer, your browser, could mean they're pointing you to a different server based on your location, or some other wierd network problem with your ISP.

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    Alright, I tried it on another computer and it seemed to work.  Thanks for the help!

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