what is winning by time?


every time I am trying blitz of 1 minute the opponent wins by time, even before the minute  is complete. How is this happening? How can I improve my performance?


Maybe your connection isn't good enough to handle games that fast. Try playing slower games.


thank you..this can be a very practical reason! thank you very very muchLaughing


When that happens, just look at your reception line, almost like a cellphone.  Usually it happens when that line is red.  Very frustrating, happens to me in the evenings, poor signal for some reason.  You'll have 43 seconds, waiting for the opponent to move. When they do, the time drops to 20 something or even gone at all!  Then I wait for reception. 


I think the program should make provision for that, because your score gets influenced by that.






thank u


If I haven't been playing for a long time, it just wastes few tens of seconds for me...