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White king won't display

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    On the chess boards the white king won't show up if the board settings are set to "classic".

    By rIght clicking on the square where the king is supposed to be and then choose "view image" a page turns up saying "File Not Found". The URL for that page is:


    The similar image for the black king is OK:


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    what browser are you using?

    i see both pieces.

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    erik wrote:

    what browser are you using?

    i see both pieces.

    I am using Mozilla Firefox. Note that it is when the board settings are set to "classic" that the white king won't show. Did you see a picture in both of those two links I posted in my former post?

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    yes, i see a picture for both. maybe clear your cache, etc?

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    I have tried out reloading several times and logging out/logging in with no luck. Right now I tested it in Internet Explorer and there it is OK. So for some reason Firefox is not able to locate that image.

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    yeah - your browser :( sorry! how else can i help?

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    Well, I don't know right now. Anyway, for the time being I set the settings to "modern" since that display the white king correctly so that I can see my games correctly.



    I handled the matter by clearing the content of the cache folder. Smile


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