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Why is chess.com in French?...

  • #1

    I just went to the chess.com page and everything is now in the French language, how do I change it back? 

  • #2

    We've just added support for French, Spanish, Dutch, and German today. If you'd like to go back to english, please hit the link at the very bottom of the page that says "français"

    http://grab.by/kVUM < In this screenshot you'd click where it says English :)

    Hope that helps!

  • #3

    For me the site is in English but for some reason the "It's Your Move" notification mail I just received was in Spanish…

  • #4

    @chrka- can you please forward that email to [email protected] so that I can take a look at it? Did you receive only one email in Spanish?

  • #5

    I'll do that. And I logged in immediately after receiving it, so yes, only the one email. Perhaps it is that my opponent is Spanish-speaking?

  • #6

    Just, learn French =) It`s simple..


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