1 min game lasting over 2 mins?

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    I played a 1|0 game that lasted 2 mins and 30 secs, how is this possible?

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    How do you know it lasted 2 mins 30 secs? Did you time it or something?

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    there is some lag time between moves while the server processes the move, which likely varies by quality of your connection and your oppponents

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    What if that guy receives the moves faster then me, does he get effectively 30 sec extra? Who got the extra 30 secs?

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    It's like there's a little pause between one clock stopping and the other starting, so this tiny lag happens every move. Thus the extra time gets split up evenly since you both make the same amount of moves.

    Another possible source of extra time is the start of the game. This site starts the timers a bit differently than the ICC. Here your timer only starts after your first move, but on ICC the timers start asap. So you would also have to account for the time between white's first move and black's when neither clock was running.

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    Humph. Lag always ruins everything.

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