'another login has been detected'


I've had the message lately when I am in Play and I am in a tournament, then my opponent moves in our 'Daily game' on the Android app I get a notification that it's my turn. Then it'll say "Another login has been detected' and I have to refresh the Play page quickly.


Your opponent can now trigger this by sending a friend request, which will pop up as a notification on your phone. Just happened to me in a game.


For those with the issue, if your app Android?


Android app when it happened to me


Yes, android app


Staff are aware of a bug where this happens with members that have the Android app. A fix is in the works and will hopefully be available soon.


android stuff fs


It's still happening; I'm on PC so nothing to do with any Android bug. It might be a deeper issue. Right now I can't even play a game because the message pops up immediately and the server aborts the game.




This happended to me today, on PC, with single tab in browser, and I don't have the Android app or anywhere else that I could be logged in on.


same issue - only one tab has and phone also the app is closed. Should i disable background on the app??

Jane_the_MILF wrote:
superchessmachine wrote:

Sometimes. When I click the x in the top right corner of my screen. That tab itself completely disappears! I have lost a few games due to this bug.

You poor baby! Losing games because of a bug. I guess all that hard work using your chess engine to make moves for you was for nothing when that happened!

Dont be so mean


when i saw this massage popped out,i am really scared,i tought my account was hijacked or smth