Hello again. I thank all of you for your contructive comments, community. It's been 4 years that I started playing Tourney. In each of them, I only entered a 2 hr standard setting. Once I went to a rapid chess and I lost A REALLY won position on time. I CANT play fast chess, and when I see people playing so fast, I become agast. It takes me at least 4 secs to pat the chess clock button and I generally think for 2-10 minutes (depending open or closed positions). Yesterday only I lost in the very opening ceremony of 3|0 blitz game on time(IT WAS EMBARASSING-DISTRICT CHESS CHAMP LOSES ON THE FIRST ROUND ON TIME- NEWS PAPER HEADLINES). How can I improve my time management? I lose on short games A LOT. However, there are only 7 games in my CF's Profile on me in the long games. Perhaps if I sipped COCA COLA in every move like in the long games??? :-(.  Pls help me.....


Even Grandmasters have problems with time management. It is something that can only me remedied by practice. You simply have to play a lot of fast games and get used to thinking faster and seeing patterns faster. There simply is no other way.


Speed chess is what I call it, if you devote too much of your chess training to this form of chess, it will hold you back from masters rating which is on normal time OTB = 2hours +.  To me its just a novelty, do not waste your time on it! JMO