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    In my opinion Bonus Time is one of the coolest things about modern chess playing.  I think it's great to add a small increment to a speed game, such as:  3/2  or 4/1.  I think it's good because it favors the stronger play.  This is because if you use up a bunch of clock time coming up with a good plan or a winning idea; under a normal clock you might not have time to finish the game against a player who's just hunkering down and moving fast.  On the other hand with a small bonus time, if you're advantage is meaningful you often will be able to finsh your attack and win by moving quickly and having that second or two added to your time after each move.  What do you think?

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    I agree with that. It seems to be a good way to reduce the amount of bad moves yet retain the speed element of blitz games.

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