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Bullet Rating vs Online rating

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    I can see that most players (including me) may have wide difference between their Bullet and Online rating. But in one Bullet game, I beaten one player at my rating (~1000). He made too many obvious blunders and i won easily. Amazingly, when I looked at his online rating it was 2000+ !! Can this be ??? And how? Or is this a strong indication of online chess cheating?

    Intersetingly, the player's Online game history is 26 games all won!! Smile

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    I find the two disciplines quite different, so yes it is possible to have a large difference in your rating scores.

    Of course it is also possible that he his cheating!

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    as mentioned in many other threads, bullet bears little resemblance to real chess.  Most of the "skill" involved is knowing how to make premoves that don't hang pieces, and to make sure you don't get mated.  So it stands to reason that there is no correlation between a bullet rating and any other rating, even blitz.  Like comparing a tennis player to a table tennis player.  Two very different sports even though the concept is the same.


    Not much resemblance, but there is some. I would expect someone rated 2000 online to be 1400-2600 bullet. 1000 bullet seems a little too suspicious to me.

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    I disagree that there is even that much resemblance. More like hockey and air hockey.

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    I dont like bullet...stresses me out watching the clock!

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    It is very possible for there to be a large difference between the two ratings.

    Nonetheless, it is hard to be 2000+ in bullet without already being a strong OTB player because otherwise you won't have enough patterns in your head to avoid hanging pieces and missing classic mates all the time. You can't just try to play really fast if you are making too many simple mistakes, as a good bullet player will continue to take your pieces, and will eventually be up a queen and rook or something; even in bullet, it might not be so hard to mate you at that point, unless you're down to your last few seconds.

    However, getting better at bullet will NOT improve your OTB chess. It only goes one way.

    So on one hand, don't take it too seriously, but if you watch high level bullet players, they are often able to combine both skill and speed impressively, and that deserves some appreciation.

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    Thanks for all the comments , the general answer is being Bullet rating is not corelated with Online rating to some extent. Some people said totally not corelating, I don't agree to that. 2000 player can't make several blunder moves even in Bullet. He can lose on time frequently but not frequently lose by bad openings and blunders. High standard chess rating must be useful for Bullet. watch kingscrusher on Youtube for instance, he makes mistakes resonably for a 2000+, but awsomely he's able to play and comment at the same time a 1 min game!.

    @Elubas your explanation is very complete, thanks, however, the point isn't about 2000 Bullet rating, its about a single player being 2000 in online and 1000 in bullet.

    About benefit of playing Bullet on your chess, I note after spending sometime playing 2min Bullet that it makes 5min Blitz more playable and less nervous. I experianced that in reality.

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    It's all about the percentiles.

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    -kenpo- wrote:

    I am suspicious whenever I see more than a 300 point difference between live and online.

    What about an online rating over 2000 but no live games played?

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    Dunno what you are talking about.

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    There is no cake.

    The cake is a lie.

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    Can't say I totally understand the point about percentiles. On the basis that we agree that the two games are different and require different skills, your percentile can still be different!

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    My mum told me never to accept sweets off strangers

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    My point was different grading populations means that a player can be similar skill in each discipline, but have wildly different grades.

    For example, my online grade is my highest grade numberwise, yet only my third highest percentilewise.

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    She said you would say that

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    Then I'd be very impressed that they have chess.com access in the after life! :0)

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    -kenpo- wrote:

    I am suspicious whenever I see more than a 300 point difference between live and online.

    Showing your idiocy once again. On this basis, you should be submitting tickets on so many members that you wouldn't have time to post dumbass comments like this.

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    @AICzervik: what's with the aggressive attitude...chill.

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    Well, being a person of a certain vintage whose first film was Muppets Take Manhattan [or was it Karate Kid, or The Dark Crystal...it's been awhile] I can't play bullet; I can't move a mouse that fast. So If someone is going to be a legitimate 2500 online player and a 700 bullet player I'm your guy.

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