I take it as a compliment; 2 versus 1.  The opponent thinks so highly of you that he has to resort to another source. 


timmaylivinalie wrote: i don't enjoy losing persay it just happened to be the way to reach my goal of getting a zero rating. i am a competitive person i just chose a different path on this site. i was in a race to zero with a couple others - bongcloud and polgar0..bongcloud gave up when he saw he had no chance of catching me and polgar0 couldn't take the heat so i made him get the hell out the kitchen. the point i'm trying to make is that blood tastes like pennies.

 I want a timmay t-shirt or souvenir mug or maybe a timmay lanyard. Go Timmay! Also, it does taste like pennies, that's so true. There's people who don't understand timmay, and then there's people like me who don't understand either. Together we make a community.

Awkward hug time!


yawn yawn. The 2 big topics resign resign! cheat cheat!

Ever decreasing circles.


I doubt there are many that cheat because cheating at chess can't be any fun.


I'm inclined to surmise those who've relied on this game, in OTB play, to put food in their bellies, hold cheaters in scathing contempt. & would cheerfully impart those sentiments if presented the opportunity. 

OTB = Over the Board. = face to face. That would roughly equate to pre-internet.


It's all a very big ego and power trip their bubble bursts when they are caught and rediscover the force of gravity when their rating is deleted.


Hi there guys. I just wanted to tell that I have arrived to this site just two days ago and I have already found two cheaters (I'm not going to say their names here of course). Oh no, don't tell me I can be wrong because I have analised their finished games with my own programs and found too many coincidences (too many comp moves). So I'm going to report it to the site staff and see what happens then.

I really hate cheaters. Not for losing against them (well, truly I don't like to lose against them lol) but because I just can't understand it!

So I think the best we can do when we meet a potential cheater is to report it. But of course when we are pretty convinced than he cheats (don't report a GM please!! lol).

This site is awesome but it has this big downside: cheaters! Sure staff can work on it.


Soyelkapo: I've encountered a couple also. Yes, just report abuse, and they will analyze the player in question. If you are playing the player in question, be sure to report abuse before the end of the game (especially if they're in a tournament)


One question about cheating : Is using a magnetic chessboard to branch out your moves considered cheating?



haha magnets are banned!


There are magnets in my computer speakers - are those allowed?


I no longer accept challenges for rated games from players below 1800, or players who have played 10 or fewer games. I've been burned.

I don't really put a whole lot of value on any player's rating; I think experience is the best place to start when trying to study a prospective opponent. Thus, in the past I've tried to play matches with players of various ratings, and I had no problems with this when my own rating was below 1800. But when my rating moved beyond 1800, I began to get more challenges from lower rated players. The vast majority of these challenges came from players who just wanted to play a good game and perhaps learn something (and teach) along the way. But I'm sure that I've had a couple of them use chess engines to make their moves for them. If any of those cheaters (or any cheaters) are reading this, then this is for you:

It is so unnecessary to do such things on this site. There's GAME EXPLORER which can, if used correctly, carry you at least ten moves against any player. You also have the ability to look at your opponent's past games. It not so important to study how your prospective opponent won the games that he or she won, but how his or her opponents LOST. This alone can carry you about 20 moves with most players.


you can't cheat neither use a chess program in a one minute game.

nlsnbebang wrote:

you can't cheat neither use a chess program in a one minute game.

But you can't neither "play chess" in one minute... Wink

timmaylivinalie wrote:
this topic has been discussed at length many times so interest may be waning. my advice to you is not to care what brain ur opponent is using since it doesn't really matter. play the game to the best of ur ability and if you lose then try checkers or connect four or sumpthin :P

I disagree, we need to be vigilent against cheaters lest we want it to become the norm and to drive honest players out of this and other online websites. Cheating should not be tolerated as it creates an atmosphere of distrust, steals what rightfully belongs to others, denigrates as well as devalues the accomplishments of honest playeres and hurts the game as a whole. Just because there are only a few immoral and pathetic scumbags that engage in it does not mean they should be let off the hook. If it were possible, heavy fines should be imposed on cheaters.


ya know, if ya play as badly as I do (abt 1250) ya don't have to worry about cheaters Embarassed

SteveM wrote:
I agree...but the best thing is to understand that this isn't the norm, and it's best to let it go if you think someone is bending the rules.  The argument (and burden of proof) isn't worth the hassle.

I went back to read the rest of the thread and came upon this.

This is exactly the kind of attitude that hurts online chess. We should never tolerate cheaters unless we want them to become the norm and destroy online chess.

BTW: Yes, cheating is possible at any time control online - even 1 0. It just requires the cheaters to make a fully automated program. Read more here:


Ultimately, the true test of ability is at the board live with someone at about your rating.  If you have fairly earned your rating, then you will be where you should be; cheaters will be smoked out for who they really are soon enough.  I don't worry about it at all. 


It's easier to let it go (not worry about it) in a regular turn-based game, but in a tournament it seems "more" unfair.

purpleknight wrote:
man!..timmaylivinalie is rated 0...23223 out of 23224...who is 23224? anyway no one to give chess advice.....other sites have tried to control cheating ...using engines...wthout real need to worry much below 1800 anyway...most people are honest i believe...

 ya because ppl with <1800 rating well they just don't count. I mean really, how sad must you be to be <1800. And besides (just to be redundant) it's not like catching ppl who are cheating and gettting more sophisticated at it as they go early on their cheating game (you know, lower ratings) will do anything. We wouldn't want to do that and level the playing field. That's just so counter-anti-un-intutive as to be ridiculous. Not enough resources. And if and when they do have enough resources, they will prolly just pocket the extra and say 'thanks very much' enjoy your lame cheaters, have some fun with the honest players.

I can understand playing styles making a huge difference in winning and losing. however I have a real problem with ppl adjusting time frames, and 'adjourning games' they are losing. <golfclap>

Some people just don't have anything better to do and if we were seriously interested in beating the cheaters we would become protocal techies or just be better cheaters than them; except we play chess and they cheat. So we suffer the lame.  Get used to it, get over it, or change it and turn the tables on them.

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