Serious chess match game playing suspicions?!

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    To ALL,

    I have a very serious concern that I need advice on...


    You know, I have always had "issues" with "ethics" from some other players when playing during any game, but especially match/tournament play where a player has potentially 24hrs-5 whole days to make a single move and just how they can/would hold their temptation to "get a little help" from sources outside of what is acceptable.

    IE. Engines, other people etc...

    I am not one who believes that playing a great game isn't possible on one's own merits, clearly there are many very good players who play here from all over the world!

    However, and I'm sorry, but my "radar" goes off, even at, especially at, MY LEVEL, when a person who joined YESTERDAY already has dozens of games/matches/ and tournaments he's playing "under his belt", and within the 6-8 hours we've been playing his rating goes from 800 or so to over 1000+!

    A 150 point jump in less than 1/3 of a day?!

    And has made not a single error in MY FAVOR, not as far as I can see!

    And at a rating (when the match started of just below 900!)

    Even though I am not rated much higher, I can still see certain moves and play that 800's simply do not make IMO.

    I am not saying that this person is outright being dishonest...

    However, I took a look at just A FEW of his matches and in one he played a 1350, moved his Queen out on move 2, and in under 8 moves had this guy SLAUGHTERED ALREADY! LOL

    THEN, another one where he played a 1799, where again, he himself was rated at about 880! The game was an absolute SLUGFEST! the 1799 JUST BARELY WON IN ABOUT 30+ moves?!?!



    I mean, come on??

    It appears very suspicious to me, and that's not fun for me.

    I don't think THAT would be fun for ANY ONE, RIGHT?!

    What do you all do about these kind of glaring suspicions?

    How do you handle them?

    Any advice is appreciated as always!

    Happy to be here!!!


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    you go here and report them:

    but keep in mind that if this player was previously 1200, dropped to 900, and came back up to 1050... it might be that he timed out a bunch of games, or resigned a bunch of games at once, or had a nervous breakdown. if he's really at a 1200 level, he could easily come back up to 1050 pretty quickly.

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     I joined about 3 weeks ago, started with 1200 and now I have 1750+ and climbing Laughing(online chess). Won 7 games against guys rated between 1200 and 1600. Large rating fluctuation is possible at the beginning then it slows and you find your true level you are at.

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    dpruess wrote:

    you go here and report them:

    but keep in mind that if this player was previously 1200, dropped to 900, and came back up to 1050... it might be that he timed out a bunch of games, or resigned a bunch of games at once, or had a nervous breakdown. if he's really at a 1200 level, he could easily come back up to 1050 pretty quickly.

    Second the motion!

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    You need 100 games to get an accurate rating. Don't worry about fluctuations before that. Just play chess. 

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    OK, I'm listening to you all, and the concensus seems to be the same, "it's normal."

    Yes, I agree, under NORMAL circumstances!

    And his games ARE CLEARLS compelling.

    It's not "variance" like in poker.

    THIS game of chess we play is a game of COMPLETE information.

    He was losing Queens within 6 moves and resigning, and then magically this morning he's now another 100 pts higher at 1120!

    When we started he was 880, had dropped over 200 pts and playing horribly.

    He also just beat a 1486 AND 1724 as of my logging on here this morning at just after 7am EST. US!! (-4 GMT?)

    Sorry, I'm a reasonable guy, but I'm having a hard time on what I've seen and what I have just conveyed.

    I'm not "outting" anyone here, so check for me please, and for yourselves!

    Then you play him and see!

    [NAME DELETED BY MODERATOR] is the screen name.


    SOMEONE at least needs to look into this please.

    I didn't join matches so that I could "entertain certain types of players."

    Darn! I'm struggling on my own trying to rate higher as it is!

    I ask not for a "witchhunt", but for an honest appraisal from some better players by kindly asking that they look into what I'm ASKING.



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    [COMMENT DELETED by Moderator]

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    My advice: start playing more chess, stop worrying so much about any a**holes you might encounter here. You can always avoid them in the future. In the meantime you could be playing chess or reading My System instead of obsessing so much about total strangers, some of who (whom?) may actually be mentally disturbed (assuming your translation tool is accurate).

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    [COMMENT DELETED by Moderator]

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    Okay, public discussion of cheating in forums is forbidden (as people can be unjustly accussed and it can all turn into a bit of a witch hunt) but as a staff member has already commented without locking the thread, I feel they apparently have no bone to pick with this specific thread.

    Let's make one thing clear: a player using an engine will have a rating over 2400, not struggle to make 1050. Beginners can improve far more rapidly than more advanced players, sometimes all it takes is paying closer attention to the game, not to mention rating fluctuation.

    The player you are referring to has only played nine games here! A single win against a 1400 player (that's not suspicious at all, his opponent missed some simple tactics) caused him to gain some 250 points in one game-it's not a string of victiories against higher rated players.

    Edit: I missed the part about what he wrote to you, which is indeed despicable. However, I believe you should report this discreetly through the link staff has provided. Public naming and shaming isn't the right path.

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    To Puchiko,

    I respect your opinions, thank you.

    I HAVE FOUND the proper channels and have sent them my concerns.

    I have nothing else to say here and greatly appreciate ALL who have RESPECTFULLY tried to help me. Sincerely I do!

    As I've said, I became a Diamond member here because I LOVE CHESS AND LOVE THIS SITE!!!


    NOT, to be degraded and possibly cheated by disrespectful non-members of less than 24 hours who IMO, not only are highly suspicious in their play, but then by coincidence have again, IMO, character flaws and are ill-mannered and wicked with their tongue.

    [Deleted by Moderator]

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    Dont take turn based chess so seriously. It's a learning tool.
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    It looks to me like someone just wanted to play in some tournaments so they threw their first 5 games and then started playing seriously after that. Though, it is funny that the first game was blundered (purposefully?) instead of ended by checkmate.

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