Drawing on the board & premoves.


Is there any way to turn off the weird arrows and red squares and stuff that I find myself drawing all the time in live chess?  I get low on time, make a premove, try to right click to cancel it, and a good % of the time I end up drawing all this stuff on the board instead and at that point it doesn't even matter if the premove blunder is made because a move will happen and I lose on time trying to work out what's just happened as the board position changes completely and I have no idea what was moved or even whose move it is.  Seems like a massive design flaw to me.  This is costing me so much time and confusion.  It's already bad enough that the premove alters what's shown on the board when a simple arrow would suffice.  The FICS premove implementation was far better than this one imo, and I don't understand why it isn't used here.  It's really not clear what it's doing here and why.