Help on technical issue


Does anyone have a good technical advice?

I love playing 3 0 online blitz, where often it all comes down to a race. It's not only important to premove - it's also important that in a position when you know what to do, your moves typically take less than half a second. I'm generally pretty fast and can hold my own pretty well in time scrambles.

My previous computer was very well suited to this kind of play, and I had a great time playing blitz here. However, in late January it was stolen here in Brussels.

Now I have another computer - it's inspiron 1440. It's a good computer and in many ways it's faster - it doesn't get stuck so easily, you can type faster, everything related to internet connectivity - download speed, etc - is faster than the other one. 

But there's this problem, that for some reason, every time you play a move in live, it looks like the piece you play gets stuck for a fraction of a second ON EVERY MOVE, before landing on its square. 

I look at my time scrambles - when sometimes you premove and sometimes you play. My opponents' time looks typically like this: 0.3, 0.2, 0.4, 0.3, 0.5 - and mine looks typically like this: 0.7, 0.8, 0.6, 0.9, 0.8, 1.2 - even though I play as fast as I can. 

One option, is that I have to live with rating levels that are about 100 points lower than what I'm used to. Another option is that one of you guys has some clever advice that can help me solve this. 

By the way - recently published that you can choose between three types of connection. I tried them all. My connection is not the problem - it must be some setting in the computer that I'm unaware of. I also have a very fine mouse. 

I will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!


Looks like a memory issue, i am running an Inspiron 1526 with a Linox OS 2gig of RAM and don't have your problem.  It could also be your mouse, very fine or not, it is still plastic.  !440,,,,Is a pretty old machine, you might try over clocking your processor.


What does it mean, "over clocking" my processor? I'm not familiar with term... I need more detailed explanations :-)

And no - it's not the mouse, because I tried with two different types, and also without a mouse (touch pad) - it's always the same. The problem (for me) exists only on - it's not that the computer reacts slowly in general. 


"only on"  Did it or does it do it on the old site?  I notice the new site is a lot slower than the old site.


Good point!! I didn't check it. Let me try - I'll get back to you on that.


Yes - it totally worked!

That I played for too long and dropped 30 more points from an already low rating (for me) is beside the point.

From now on, with this computer - only V2 for blitz. 


i think there is a way to play on the old site pertinently more or less.


What do you mean by the word "pertinently"? 

The word means "relevantly" in English - so I didn't get what you were trying to tell me...


I am not sure how but recently play a 5 min game and my opponent was able to add more time to his clock.   Observation was that my time started flashing.    Not sure how he did this but glad it's not rampantly misused by others.


That's another issue - it's lag in the transfer of information through all of the stations between his computer and the server, and then between the server and your computer. 

The time lost through lag (not the time your opponent was actually thinking about his move) is largely compensated by the system, which then resets your opponent's clock. I think that this is explained better elsewhere - but it's completely innocent. Nobody's taking advantage of anybody. 

Thanks for posting!!


Hi, it's bee 3 days now sins my daily chess stopped responding/loading; I am using a bb10 and have done a reset on the browser, I have cleared the history, also cleared the cooking. I just reset my phone, yet, I can't reload my home active games, my time is running out. Help pls, thanks


I wouldn't know what to say - maybe someone else has ideas.