How ads cost me a game


Well I don't really mind seeing those ads in every corner of this website, but just recently while playing a bullet game an ad pops up in the middle of the game, and I can't make a move, I did try refreshing but the ad keeps on popping up and eventually cost me a game!

Is that GREEDY now? who would want to see a popup in the middle of the game??? I am not blaming it on the glitch of the html codes, it is those administrators who requested their programmers to pop an Ad during a game, come on, do you really wish me to click those ADs??? in desperation to get rid of it and for you to earn some quick cash??? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK!



Thank you! We are working on a fix for that issue.


This happened to me three times today on the mobile app during blitz games.


Can you please get rid of these annoying pop-up ads that can't be exed out and block the alerts window during the entire game? How do I get rid of these? Makes it very difficult to play...very distracting.


it has been 8 months since you start to try and fix those dumd ads


I can see the ads now -- "Become a premium member and never again lose a game due to ads popping up over the board during games!"



Is it still a problem? It was fixed months ago, but perhaps some browser updates led to new issues. We need browser/OS information here to investigate. Thanks.


yes its still an issue so anoying ...............


         r2deetwo;  staff posted that 5 months ago. When you get their attention again, give them the browser/OS info they need to help you.


You can download ' ABP'


its like an ad blocker... doesnt show any ads!!!


if you have chrome, opera or safari this is better, adblock plus is just no


I won my bullet game when it popped on my screen... just quickly click out on the "x" button in the top right corner, usually.


This is bullshit the ads are hovering over the screen and obstructing my view of the chess board. This never happened to me until now and I'd just like to say that it's bullshit.


Lost 2 blitz games today from the iPhone app for the same issue, continuously open Apple Store for installing apps.

I was going to subscribe but I will wait till this is fixed!