How often do you get "connection interrupted"?"


I've won several games because my opponent had an interrupted connection, and I lost several as well for the same reason. Very annoying looking at a white screen that says, "Connection interrupted. Reconnecting..." and watching powerlessly as my clock runs out. When I go back and look at the game score, it says I abandoned the game. Not that it matters much, but ratings seem to be penalized 3 fold when losing that way. I guess ratings don't matter for people who honestly lost connection, but the penalty discourages people from doing it deliborately.

Have you ever seen that screen? What did you do about it?


I rarely get it. I never had it when I was on dial-up. Sometimes unplugging the connection for a second would work, or leaving live chess for a moment (or both).


I've had 3 disconnects in the last two days, 2 in the last hour. Very annonying. Often I have the advantage, too. I don't know if my ISP is bad here, or if the site is unreliable. I'm guessing it is the ISP. I'll just have to wait till I'm back at my house before playing any more chess. No sense making my opponents wait 3 minutes before finally winning by default, while my rating gets thrown in the toilet.


Actually, I don't mind my rating getting smashed. It just means I get paired with people I can beat easier. When I'm paired with someone who has my rating, I know I'll probably win.


check here...


I get it once in a while...but it reconnects almost immediately fortunately.


During blitz tournaments a curious often happens:   I'm playing well, often in a winning position, when suddenly a "connection interrupted" message appears.

My opponent is on the move (his clock is red and counting down)  My clock is stopped.  When the connection is resumed, my opponent's clock shows more time

and mine  show less!  This has happened several times, usually in bullet tournaments or 1 minute games.  I haven't noticed it so much on other timed games.