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Inviting a friend to live chess

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    Just adding my voice to the chorus of inquiries into why it is so difficult to play a friend a live game on Chess.com... Surely you can add a tab to click on to challenge a friend. Every time I try to play a live game against a friend here it always tells me they are not online... when in fact I they ARE and I am chatting with them trying to figure this out!

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    Having the same issue! Please fix this! 

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    Hi there,


    Just to add my name to the players who want to play live chess with their friends on chess.com and can't.

    It is really annoying. Could the staff do something please?



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    I want some friends
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    I agree with everyone! This is a great app but sucks trying to play a friend live. What's the catch?!?!
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    Can you invite your friend to blitz chess? :/ rubbish

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    So to invite a friend he or she must be in the live chess website. To get there from the home page just select the play button in the menu bar. Have your friend do the same. Find play a friend option. Select it and choose said friend from the friends list. An invite should appear on friend's screen.

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    Ok, so let me see if I got this right. I CAN NOT play live chess in the Chess app on my smartphone with someone who's on my friends list and with whom I've been playing daily chess unless I perform some additional actions on the web site?

    And if so, do we BOTH need to do this ridiculous woodoo?

    And if so, do I need to do this every single time I want to play with them or is the setting one time per a friend?
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     this is the least user friendly thing I've seen, everyone has the same problem. I still cant get a friend to play live

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    Hi there 


    I use the methodology given by Chussmayt. Thanks by the way!

    It worked for me from my computer.




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