Is playing bullet pretty much the worst thing i can do?

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    Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster. Im at a moderate to beginner level, 1500 standard, 1340 blitz, 1100 bullet.

    i was listening to coach dan heisman, and he said that he encouraged people to play 2-3 slow games a week to keep sharp. and he said people who play 1 game a week can still maintain their skills.

    the problem, and i guess the question is: i play literally a hundred games a week, blitz and bullet, a few half hour time control games, but i dont know if all this playing makes me better... i just love the game, i love playing.

    do you find that just playing games has ever made you better, or do you find you have to take a step back and only improve through exercises and reading? 

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    Bobby Fischer had some unnice things to say about blitz chess (ie  5 min games in particular not necessarily bullet chess specifically) although he won a super-strong 5 min tnmt 2 full pts ahead of the 2nd-place winner, Tal.

    Overall I agree with kenpo - and wafflemaster, even though I prefer French Toast!

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    Have to ask yourself if you play chess to have fun, or if you want to move improvement to the top of your priorities.

    Improvement and fun aren't mutually exclusive, but hundreds of blitz games a week (with no serious study and practice) are Smile

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    what about even the longer time controls on the site?


    do you think a 30 min time control is enough to think about all your moves and start to improve the way you see the board?

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    30 minutes is sufficient time. It won't screw you up. 

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    I suggest training more than playing. If you do MANY tactics you'll get better to recognize opportunity... so in blitz, play your repertory (short one) and jump on opportunity... stop when you feel tired 'cause overdose won't serve you. Have fun !

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    Why not ask Caruana, Nakamura, Carlsen, Vachier-Lagrave....

    These guys are trying to win the world championship. Do you really think they would play THOUSANDS of bullet games if they thought it would hurt their chances to win the one title that matters to them?

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    I love lightning; in fact, I got to the point where I play it exclusively. I agree with the comment that it is a different game in a sense - and, to me, that is not a bad thing whatsoever.

    Play what you find fun and pick the style that suits you most. I wouldn't even play anymore if it weren't for lightning.

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    Bab3s wrote:

    Never play bullet if you want to get better. It's a game entirely different from chess that fools your mind into thinking it's chess, so unlike other non-chess games, it will compromise your long games in chess.

    Right. I've always despised bullet and blitz chess.

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