Live chess: Can play just with stockfish


I usually play live chess with different levels or computer, now I do not know wht I can play ONLY against stochfish (elo about 2200...)

I do not understand why, it is too strong for me and the games woldn t be interesting, I usually play with pc with ELO about 1700/1870.


Me as well brother! It stinks that I do not have a choice, other than to find another game.


Please David write to as I made this evening, if there are some people that write them maybe they will care...


I just registered my complaint. Do you also play on other chess sites? If so, which ones are good?


I've just noticed this too - where do you register a complaint? 


I can't write the names here, they have a strict rule about that, I do not want other problems, but just going on google you can find many, and some of them are very good. is a very nice site, but now I have a lot of problems and I can't solve them.



same issue - I hope they didnt remove it


Yeah, I miss the bots also. Komodo is fun to play.


do you have the same problem Fischerrocl?


guys, there just under maintenance. they’ll be back