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Live chess option on my games in the game explorer section.

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    Hi all, I've come to the realisation that when I look in 'games explorer' and select 'my live games', it says I have only played about 220, whereas I have actually played 1650 odd. Anyone know why?

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    the archive doesn't save all the games

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    thats silly :(, any idea why?

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    We've started adding live games, not all of them are on there yet.

    I need to confirm this with the programmers as I'm not 100% sure what they decided to go with, but I don't think explorer shows live games under 3|0 (might be 2|1 and under though).

    Also I think it doesn't show games with 7 moves or less.

    As I said, I do need to confirm the correct details, but those above are a rough guide

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    Thanks Kohai - most of my games are 3 min, which is annoying

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    Any news?

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    It's a bummer that 2|1 games are not there, but that seems to be the case.


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