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lost on time when it was my opponents move

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    I recently played a game where i made my move and the clock changed over showing my opponents time running down after waiting for about 4 minutes his clock reached zero and it shows i lost on time. Can someone tell me why

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    I don't know why, but it has happened to me as well

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    It is a big pain in the butt, cost me a game

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    Just happened to me a few minutes ago.  His / her clock was red, running down, I couldn't move.  I had 3+ minutes left.  I lost on time.   What gives?  He would have won anyway, he had a huge advantage.

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    Yes the same thing happened to me when I was in an overwhelmingly winning position.  The opponents clock drained away without him moving  and I was deemed to have lost.  Computers!!!!

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    Now just an idea here, guessing... looking for a reason... could it be my computer just did not refresh?  Only thing wrong with that theory is the clock was still ticking down.

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    It just happen to me, that's the second time and one his pawn was on top of mine and it stayed there and there was nothing I could do about that either.

    I lose enough games without the computers help....lol

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    I think this is a connection problem...I'm not sure though.  Undecided

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    You probably lost on time because you are very adept at losing on time and the rest is a figment of your overwrought imagination

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    happened to me too

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    that happens to me in many a game, which is why I register any losses at all, markle.

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    this is due to connection.. the application doesn't delay the time when the connection is lost.. so when connected again... time will jump automatically using the server time

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    I have perfect connection always and this has also happened to me, it's just a glitch that will hopefully be fixed in due course.

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    it's happened to me as well

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    play in v3

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    that's got other bugs, like undoing your last move

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    v3 (and probably v2)does have problems with diconnects that are not reflected in the client. I've seen it on some of my games and I don't play a lot of Live. 


    But some disconnect issues can be mitigated by disabling Flash for the site and following the advice in the following.




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