Mouse click issue - Big problem!


I have also faced similiar problems.Today I lost a game which I should have

won hands down,but the connection got cut and later i did not even know

what had happened to the game.My rating was simply reduced by about 30

points. don't know what is happening.


Well I beg to differ. If I were alone in this criticism I'd accept your opinion, but this is happening all the time for a large amount of users.


Bump. Having this problem so might as well not make a new thread. Dragging files/folders in the desktop works perfectly and I've had no issues playin SC2. It's just with that I get the problem.


I use a trackpad on a Macbook Pro and this exact glitch just cost me a game!!! Brand new Macbook, I went to move a bishop and it dropped it on the first square I passed. Is there a different and more precise way to move pieces? 



I also use a Mac. The best way is to use a good mouse. i got mine at officeworks. It solved a lot of my problems. Also you can play on and tablet like an iPad. On these apps you can go to settings and select confirm move. And turn it on. So no more slippings.


I have a solution - for myself anyway, which may be useful to others (if you don't already know it!)

When you want to move on the piece, click on the piece itself, then on the destination square. That way there is no clicking and dragging! Just two clicks.


actually here is (in my opinion) the best way. GET A BETTER COMPUTER!


I've been having the same problem lately. too often. lost at least 10 games, I didn't have this problem ever before, it's like I am being hacked...