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Move confirmation

  • #21

    If you actually need a confirm move button on touchpad, USE A PC or be more careful. 

  • #22

    I am using a PC and i' m careful as it is possible. What is the problem with a setting that allows to confirm your move, so anyone can play even with a touch pad without mouse blunders? Do you rely on other people mistaken hardware?



  • #23

    confirm button for vs computer and all game types!!

  • #24

    It is unfair that ipad users have it and laptop don't.

    Is it some sort of bug or is there actually a reason for it??

  • #25

    Let me add a vote for an optional 'confirm move' button for the web interface. Perhaps implemented as a feature that may be turned off under time pressure during a live game.

  • #26

    +1  or take it out on mobile as well

  • #27

    i would think those that play bullet would say it would cost them more time, i would like it though.


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