No sound in Live Chess

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    FIX THE DAMN SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i am getting no sound and it hasn't worked for a while.  i have hard reset, i have cleared cache and browsing history. I also have the latest version of flash.  It has been like this for a while, every time i play, i use chrome.  not sure what is going on but it's annoying.  what can i do to fix this?

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    Can you please fix the sound? In live chess. Safari 9.0.1. OS 10.11.1

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    snapdragon1030 can you FIX THIS ?  It's a problem many people have . It comes and goes. yes if I restart the browser the sound  comes back, but it's very disorienting when the sound disappears within a game. I often lose the game when it happens

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    Same problem here please help

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    On chrome, this may only apply to me, but when I first had sound problems on I tried refreshing the page, then restarting my computer. When I say I had sound problems I mean I couldn't hear ANYTHING on Next step was to figure out is the problem was my computer or, so I checked if the sounds worked on my account on my friend's computer. The sounds worked there. Long story short I found the "New" site and went to the settings part where it said enable sounds. I right clicked on that and at the very bottom of those right click options was a thing that read "Audio EQ." It said "Enabled on this domain." I clicked it not seeing any harm in it and voila, sound came back. So in basic my computer had swapped the enabled on this domain with the disabled on this domain. This solution has lasted for 15 minutes and counting, I will update if I find it is only temporary. Hope this helps.

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    Same problem on my Mac! Started  2 weeks ago for whatever reason! Watching live games sounds work. But when starting playing a bullet game first 2 moves got sound after that bye bye sound! Send a mail to support a week ago but no reply. Updates goes auto on my Mac. Sound is on in settings 

    Very annoying at the least...

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    Anything new about it ?

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    Hello to everyone! I have njeproblem, when I decided to play in the style "Real 3D (Beta), the game is not working.
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    Downloaded Google Chrome and no more problems. Works perfect. 

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    Yes, this topic can be closed, download google chrome ( second browser ) and there are no problems any more. 

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