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Please fix this non-sense...

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    I just played a few games of 1 minute and there's no repetition draw? This is nonsense...

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    You might want to double-check the rule.

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    You've played 400 bullet games here so you probably understand the rules that you need to claim draw by repetition, I hope. But it may be that the button is not working from time to time.

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    LetsReason wrote:

    I agree.  Why can it not be automatic for Bullet chess?  Who would have time to claim a draw in Bullet chess?

    Well said.

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    I think that a draw must be claimed by a player, same as in a full length game.  There is a button for it: it will claim a draw or offer a draw if you cannot claim one.

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    How do you claim a draw? I had this issue a while back, where a guy did this to me. I would have done this, had I known I could. Oh, this was a 15-5 game.

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    not a bad suggestion - auto-claim 3-fold repetition for bullet. interesting. 

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    A very good idea to be automatic for bullet, at least if the repetition is three Consecutive times. Both players Know they are repeating in that case. But even non-consecutive, as said, there is just no time to make such a claim. Unless it is simply to click the Draw button one time, and not have to say why.

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    I think it is somewhat automatic. After a couple of repetitions, if either one of the opponents offers a draw, it will automatically give a draw by repetition. I think.


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