"My Games Against:"...


Howdy Chess Friends,

Just in case you didn't notice the update made a few hours ago, Chess.com now shows us our won/loss record against opponents in Live Chess like it has in turn based for some time.

I think it's a cool feature. For example, if you're playing blitz and you don't recognize your opponent by name, you can see you have a 2-0 record against them and know you've already played them before.

In that case it can give you the little boost of confidence that you'll have some good winning chances based on your record.

On the other hand, if you see you're 0-2 against them, it can motivate you to really buckle down and play your best to finally put up a "W" against that opponent.


Also, there's a really cool update on the Tactics Trainer statistics showing you how many tactics you did today and what your percentage of correct ones are.

I'm impressed with these improvements and just wanted to let you know about the new additions so you can check 'em out if you haven't seen them yet and voice some kudos to the folks who made it happen...great stuff.


I've played Piotr before so the amount of games he and I have played shows to me under his avatar on his homepage thus:



If I then click on the game stats it takes me to the game history showing all the games  both live chess and online he and I have played.

So if you're asking if those are seperated, yes they can be, via the game history you view by clicking on the stats.