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    Thank You

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    focus on tactics

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    Yeah, I've got a great piece of advice.  What you have to do is pray.  Only through the majesty of God can your chess improve.  "Work" and "thinking" will only get you so far.  Trust that an invisible, all-powerful best friend in the sky will channel the moves to you.

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    FancyKnight wrote:

    focus on tactics

    Tactics, model mates and endgames.

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    For the next 2 months have list of things you need to work on keep it front of you as much as possible to check them off as you finish.

    They mention tactics here  bla bla bla in your case. As it will not do you any good if your up in material and can not mate your opponent several ways.

    Openings principles as you do not want to give the game away. I would start with not the correct moves to make but eliminating the bad moves in the opeining.

    Make a short list after each game you lost. List why you lost the game.

    Learn how to defend as you will doing that for the next couple games until you start winning consistantly. King behind pawns. Trading like pieces for pieces attacking the king.

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    I make a list also, Hints and tips that I should have done and watched out for etc from previous matches.. Read them before an important match..best way for me..and another tip would be to eat something with protein to stimulate your brain for better thinking before you start playing.. 

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    Sometimes I also blunder. How can I fix that? Thanks in advance for all the help. :-)

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    chesspieces2135 wrote:

    Sometimes I also blunder. How can I fix that? Thanks in advance for all the help. :-)

    This should  make you feel good. GM's Blunder also.

    Top ways to stop it at any level.: 1) Consider the reason for your opponents last move even if might look innocent. 2) Mindless moves with no goal, some goal is better than no goal and with time your goals per will be better. 3) This is most for beginners. Take your time for each move. Yes it is hard but make the effort and with time it will become easier. Some say sit on your hands(did not work for me). So for online i would write down the move or stand up. Do something that will add 2 seconds more than you normally take. This little time difference will help. Later you will have better Time Management each move and know when to take 5 seconds or 50 seconds or 5 minutes or 5hrs a move. (The last 2 are for playing online naturally).

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    Thanks royalbishop. I'll try those tips.


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