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Stuck pieces

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    In my last two live games my pieces have been "sticking" ie: cant move anything that is in the central portion of the board.

    Browser, Java and Windows(Vista) are all up to date.

    Is this a known problem with a known workaround or have the gremlins got me?

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    Next time tell us what browser you're using, that might be helpful

    Use these trouble-shooting tips for this and all similiar problems in this order:

    Clear the browsers cache

    Reboot the browser

    Try another browser

    Reboot your PC

    Check out the quality and speed of your ISP connection http://speedtest.net/   http://pingtest.net/

    Ask the staff here for assistance

    PS: If you play chess anywhere else see if the same problem occurs at another site or not; if not it's probably a problem with www.chess.com

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    Thanks, switching over to Chrome seemed to fix the issue(was using firefox).

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    From reading comments like yours and what the staff here writes, IE is the worst browser to use and FF or Google Chrome seem to work for most members. 

    Another thing I just thought of: try disabling all add-ons and extensions when a browser seems to be messing up, if that helps you can turn them back on one at a time until you discover which one is causing the problem(s).

    Another handy rule of thumb with programs that don't seem to be working properly is to uninstall and reinstall them. This isn't a foolproof idea but it often works.


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    its going on to me now


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